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How much sorrow and blood does it need to understand the irreversibility of an event? Will the carelessness really win the reason?

Dear colleagues!

My desire to hold a meeting with you has been based on a few issues which directly or indirectly affect our lives. Their essence is as follows.
1. "The third world war” - the war in a science is coming to its logical conclusion. The struggle of industrially-financial groups with their chain dogs from a science has created the base of distrust and frustration in a society relative to the projections of modern science and has created fear in the minds of thoughtful people in our world of the near and distant future.
"God's ways are inscrutable": - and remained the only reasonable postulate for civilization of gobbling democrats - consumers, dogmas, "kings" of nature. The extinction of our civilization, where the basic measure is "God" - money, today is grounded and correct way, if it wouldn’t so bitter to admit it. We are not the first civilization which has come to the brink and will go to the artifacts. Reason – is a relative concept.
2. Selfishness, ignorance and carelessness – are basic and, unfortunately, progressing motivators of the powers that be. We have played in life. Life is not a game, but the result of billions experiments of the Creator. Intuitively we understand - he exists, but our ignorance and selfishness require him to appear before our clear eyes. This is a fatal position of mankind led by primates where the truth is rejected and the lie strewn with rose petals. Misperceptions about the chosenness of human have created permissiveness and carelessness in our behavior. Everything has the beginning and the end. The end of our civilization is predetermined and depends directly on the reasonable real actions of each person. A wise man knows that we have to pay for everything in our life. Civilizations are mortal (you need to puzzle out attentively with artifacts), and the most "offensive" – they are "suddenly" mortal. Before disappearing we should experience completely the "pleasure" of recent years. I "dream" to see your court over those who have led you to the catastrophe. I am sincerely sorry for them.
3. The world is absolutely program and knowable. The Universe has its own geometry. Processes occurring in it are logical and knowable. Life is not an accident, but is a result of the Creator’s magnificence dream. Knowledge and understanding of the processes taking place around us, allows to determine our place in the world, and with a certain degree of reasonableness – to participate harmoniously in these processes. The mankind inherently has not created anything new in the nature, but just has replicated and not in the best kind. Today the many people are waiting for the "messiah" and it is logical for "the shrimps”. At the poultry farm a poultry-maid is also a "Messiah" but the way of a hen is predetermined yet. But we are not chickens!
The Global climate change – is not a random phenomenon, but natural. Gravity blow to the Solar system in autumn 2012 - is also a natural phenomenon. Increasing of technogenic disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, snowstorms, storms, hunger, wars and epidemics is also not accidental process, but natural. Such outcome – is our will, but not the will of the Christ! He loves us and with love will send us in the history annals. He don’t need such "helpers" and "assistants". The extraterrestrial reason exists and its level of reasonableness is more higher than our consumer level and only the blind can not see this evidence. Modern outlook based on the medieval dogmas has no right to the further existence!

P.S. My world outlook is based on postulates of Creation. As the fates decree entrusted to me to provide information fluctuation for the collection of latest reason germs. We lived among you, and helped you as far as possible without violating the Reason’s Evolution program. The periodic table of elements, the structure of the atom and many other things were given to you. All you have made with that - is on your conscience. I am Valery Baranovskiy, a graduate of "Yaroslav Mudriy school”, a knight of the Zodiac Order (the Order, who stood at the origins of the Templars and since 1314 ceased its social implications), a doctor of aksiontology, a journalist, an author and a presenter of TV programs cycles, have a moral right to draw conclusions and some projections:

- The modern fundamental science is the shame of our world;
- The negative processes of the world – is the only true way for understanding the place of modern man on the planet;
- The collapse of the global financial system with all its consequences – is a vital factor in determining the true values for the living;
- Extinction of peoples, the collapse of the "empires" (USA, EU, China, Russia), with a large number of technological achievements of consumer civilization – is an adequate value as to the ignorance and carelessness;
 - Determining the vector of our civilization development has come to the point where time is calculated for months;
- Happy is he who lives in a time of change and can manage it.
There is an alternative and it is negligible for many yet, to be exact - for so many.

You can to don’t believe in it, but are obliged to know it.

The Knight of the Zodiac Order - Veriy.

Through the death of billions to the happiness of golden billion. The truth about an inconsistency of modern fundamental science.
Press conference of Mr. Valery Baranovsky in "Interfax" on:
"Another truth about Global Climate change, or full "Copenhagen"..."
Kiev, 21.12.2009.


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