Mr. V.V. Baranovskiy is the secretariat member of National Journalist Union of Ukraine, Cofounder of People’s Academic University «Evolution of reason» (PAU ER). He is an author and a presenter of the popular science TV programs: "Earth, the 6th Level”, "Let’s Talk”, "Let’s Talk About the Secrets of the Universe”, "The Secret Plus”, "Hot Summer”. In those programmes Mr. Baranovskiy lights up an environmental events and phenomena which are "inexplicable” from the point of view of modern fundamental science. He has devoted the latest 9 years of his life to exploring and solving the Global Climate Change problem. A New Scientific Paradigm has been created together with PAU ER scientists. It explains processes and phenomena which are taking place in our universe, the solar system and planet Earth. This New Scientific Paradigm is the consecutive realization of scientific works of G. Bruno, N. Kopernik, I. Newton, M. Kuri, M. Bulgakov and many other significant representatives of our civilization. Capabilities which mankind may get by using the New Scientific Paradigm were described in letters, addressed to the governments’ leaders, international and Ukrainian science representatives.
Mr. V.V. Baranovskiy is addressing international media representatives with a proposition of arranging a meeting to discuss our present and our probable future in the most outspoken way.


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